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Hey everybody,

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought just to make things a little more regular, I can start to do either some mini-lessons via YouTube or do some brief writeups on my thoughts on certain musical concepts. However, what I talk about is determined on what YOU want to know. Interested in something specific to “Embracing Clarity” or something in my playing? Comment below or send a message and I’ll do my best to keep it regular!!

On a totally different note, I hope to be doing some gigs in the near future. I’ll keep you all posted as this develops further. So just for this, I’ve assembled a pedalboard with a Wampler Ecstasy and TC Electronics Flashback, as well as a recently purchased TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb. The point of the pedalboard being, to be as portable as possible and to have a sound that is reliable, regardless of whatever backline amp I happen to have to go through. I do have to say, it sounds extremely close to the sound on “Embracing Clarity” (which was done with an AxeFx and my Wampler pedal going into the front of the Fractal unit). I hope you all get a chance to hear this and the music soon!


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