Blog Update – March 2015 – Endorsement, Recent Happenings and Transcriptions

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Hey everyone!

This month has so far been pretty interesting with some really cool opportunities. Hopefully, there will be many more down the line. I figured I’d just keep you guys posted about some of the stuff I’ve been up to lately! But first…A huge thank you goes out to everyone I’ve worked with recently for having me be a part of all their projects!

First off, I’m now officially a La Bella Strings artist! I’m incredibly honoured to be featured alongside the likes of some fantastic musicians such as Allan Holdsworth, Pat Martino and Alain Caron (among many others). It’s a great pleasure to be a part of their artist roster and I look forward to be working with La Bella in the future. Check them out here –

Recently, I also had the chance to work with Intimation Dance here in Boston. Working with Jessica Muise and her group has been a really interesting experience, proving both challenging and rewarding. If there are any more shows in the near future, you should go check it out, it really is something special! You can keep updated with their work by following them on Facebook –

For those interested in my lesson material, I now have a column with The Sound Guitar Magazine. A huge thanks to Jason Macedo for having me in this month’s issue, it really is a pleasure to be working with the guys over at The Sound! For those curious, I break down my original composition “Free” from my debut album “Embracing Clarity”. I discuss a little bit about the chord scales I use when improvising, and hopefully in future issues, I can touch on some other concepts! You can check out the issue at: (Hint: there are also some really cool interviews as well!)

Lastly, thanks to Jason again, I’ve had the opportunity to do some transcriptions. I’ve been working on some Shawn Lane and Greg Howe material, which is nice to revisit after all these years. It’s a great opportunity, allowing me to get inside the playing of musicians I used to look up to when I was first getting serious about the guitar! If you’re interested in custom transcriptions, feel free to contact me through here or Facebook about potential projects and we can discuss rates.

I’m working on getting some gigs in the future, so keep an eye out on my social media and the “shows” section of my website. I’d like to be writing and keeping this blog more up-to-date in the future, so if you have any ideas for future posts (or lesson ideas), let me know!! It’s always great to hear from you all!

– Juan Dhas

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