“Embracing Clarity” Now available

Embracing Clarity - Juan Dhas Embracing Clarity, is a collection of unique compositions by Juan Dhas, that take the listener on a musical journey. Weaving together lyrical melodies and colourful textures, the album creates an atmosphere that is both emotionally rich and thought-provoking.

It is now available at Bandcamp and iTunes.

What People are Saying:

  • “Juan Dhas is a wonderful person, but if you don’t know him, you’ll either have to take my word for it … or listen to his new CD “Embracing Clarity”. And after you’ve listened, I’m certain you’ll come to the conclusion that only a “wonderful” person could be responsible for the beautiful compositions and extraordinary guitar work on display!”

    – Bret Willmott (Guitarist/Composer/Educator)

  • “He combines an astounding technical ability on the guitar with a unique sense of harmonic sophistication. This is clear when you hear the beautiful music that is documented on his stellar debut CD, ‘Embracing Clarity.”

    – Freddie Bryant (Guitarist/Composer/Educator)

  • “The overall effect is very attractive and more than a bit mesmerising, while the music seems to fly by as it ebbs and flows while always moving forward…As a debut effort, Embracing Clarity is very impressive in that Dhas exhibits a distinct musical personality at such an early stage of development. (4/5 Stars)”

    – Budd Kopman (All About Jazz)

  • “Impeccable guitarist, memorable debut (4/5 Stars)”

    – Fiona Ord-Shrimpton (Editor for All About Jazz’s “Download of the Day”)

  • At only 20 years old [now 21], Juan has released a collection of compositions driven by rich harmonic depth, flowing improvisation, colourful atmospherics and silky guitar tones usually reserved for players twice his age”

    – Scott Jones (For The Evolving Musician)

  • “Dhas has firmly found his niche in the post-Metheny guitar lineage, fitting right in with players like Mike Moreno, Nir Felder and Matthew Stevens, all while maintaining a sound that is very much his own.”

    – Miller Wrenn Nextbop

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